TACC supports the Care the Wild project

TACC supports the Care the Wild: Plant & Protect project and moves towards the carbon footprint production together with MAI Listed Company Association through the reforestation of 1 rai at Ban Aoi Community Forest and Ban Bun Roeng, Rong Kwang District, Phrae Province recently. There are 53 companies listed on MAI joining with the total forest area of ​​91 rai and 18,200 trees.
From the beginning when the company realized the importance of starting a project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the first time, it has stepped towards making the carbon footprint of the organization by covering the area of ​​the head office and the company's factories. This shows  that the company has placed great importance on conducting business according to ESG principles, which are environment, society and good governance, along with creating good returns for all groups of stakeholders.