We will be a leading company specializing in creating lifestyle products and beverages, being well-known in the SEA market, and be able to response to the needs in time by creating the mutual benefits and sustainable relationship with all stakeholders.


T.A.C.C. employees will collaborate to make this company to be a leading company in beverages and lifestyle products, especially tea and coffee by operating in the manner of Business-to -Business and Business-to-Customer, for domestic and Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam by creating the stability through the 4 benefits as follows:

1. Benefit to the “Consumers”, through the quality products, which be able to create consumers’ satisfaction in the fairly price.

2. Benefit to the “Business partners”, through the policies and working under the principles of sustainable business partnership.

3. Benefit to the “Society”, by being an organization involving in the contributions to develop the quality of life for the community, society, and environment.

4. Benefit to the “Organization”, by creating the good returns to shareholders and employees.


T.A.C.Consumer Public Company Limited (“the Company”), formerly T.A.C Beverage Co.,Ltd. We are tea & coffee expert. T.A.C.Consumer Public Company Limited has been registered as a company on 28th March 2002 with an initial registered capital of 2 million baht to operate a dispenser drink business in seven-eleven (7-Eleven). Such drinks are the joint-developed products between the Company and CP All Public Company Limited. The products that were initially sold were iced tea, milk tea, coffee, and fruit juices, such as punch, cantaloupe juice, etc. In 2005, the Company has expanded its business to the Ready-to-Drink business by starting selling the ready-to-drink bottle green tea under the brand “Zenya” and expanded its distribution channels to the international markets, such as Cambodia, Singapore, Dubai, and the United States, etc. In order to support such growth, the Company has continuously increased its capital. The Company has transformed into a public company and changed its name to “T.A.C.Consumer Public Company Limited” on 26th August 2015. Currently, the Company has the paid-up capital of 152 million baht and was listed on the Market for Alternative Investment on 2nd December 2015.

Strategic Marketing Team

During the period of over 2 decades that we partnered with 7-Eleven, T.A.C.C. has developed dispenser beverage market. When we first entered the market in 2002, we introduced some Thai-style favorites like iced tea, milk tea and iced coffee. The drinks were well received by consumers and as a result we witnessed over 100 percent sales growth in a few consecutively years. Later on we introduced to the market a variety of dispenser fruit juices which have been immensely popular with customers.

Our marketing team consists of marketing strategists who gathered 2 decades years of marketing experience in food and beverage industry from working with international brands like Coca- Cola, Unilever, Cerabos, AB Food & Beverages, Seagram, Lintas and Green Spot (Vitamilk). The team supervises every phase and every dimension of product development, from product concept to business plan to positioning to distribution channel in order that our product meets with the target market’s demand. In so doing, our marketing executives always take into account the effectiveness of marketing expense to maintain profit margin and sustainable growth.

The company is engaged in the business of procurement, production and distribution of beverages such as tea, coffee and lifestyle products with unique characteristics, noticeable differences and lifestyle products focused on managing marketing and sales strategies together with research and development of a wide variety of beverages in terms of type and flavor in response to consumer demands in every gender and age. The characteristics of the company’s products can be categorized into two main groups composed of business-to-business (B2B) product development and business-to-consumer (B2C) product development as follows:


Business to Business

B2B Products: For the products in this group, the company conducted research and development together with customers, who the company considers key strategic partners, in order to manufacture and distribute products in customers’ shops including convenience stores and food chain restaurants with cool beverage dispensers, powdered ready-to-drink beverages in the All Café corner, and hot beverage dispensers.


Business to Customer

B2C Products: Apart from the product groups made by the company together with business allies, the Company offers the following products created by the Company and develops formulas for distribution under the Company’s own brand: Na-Arun, TRIVA as well as the License Business and the café business.

T.A.C.C. International Business

T.A.C.C. focuses on expanding into the country group that has the potential for high economic growth, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam, the countries with the largest consumer bases in the world.

Na Arun

Na Arun is a three-in-one drink mix with rich Thai-style flavors and aromas. Na Arun is available in three mixes, milk tea, milk coffee and jasmine green tea. The drink mixes are great alternatives for restaurants and drink vendors. It offers better profit margin than the drink prepared by the restaurants themselves as well as consistencies in quality, flavor and aroma.

7-Eleven Cambodia

Nowadays, we ship cold beverage dispenser, including tea and coffee to be sold in 7-Eleven stores in Cambodia which is considered as a distribution channel in overseas. Cambodia has potential direction and future because its society’s growth is expanding. 7-Eleven branches significantly grow and receive great responses and for these reasons, some of them have more numbers of dispensers than Thailand does; 6 dispensers in Cambodia and 4 dispensers in Thailand. By the end of 2022, there are 40 branches throughout Cambodia’s main cities, for instances, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kandal, Kompong Cham, Kompong Speu, and Sihanouk etc.

Moreover, the Company has delivered Instant Powder Drink (Non-Coffee) at All Café, 7-Eleven in Cambodia, which has received good feedback from consumers in Cambodia.

T.A.C.C. License Business


T.A.C.C. signed a licensing agreement with Ingram, Japan as a representative agent of San-X, Japan (Licensor) license, to look after licensees from the territories of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

Dog Please

A character which were born from the social media's world, the main characters are humans and dogs that tell stories in different aspects in creative, funny, cute, and heartwarming ways. It gained awareness and poppularity among dog lovers on both Facebook and Instagram for more than a million followers.

Warbie Yama Warbie Yama

The Company has been a license agent of cartoon copyrights as a Thai brand character, “Warbie Yama” with a two year contract period exclusively in Thailand. By Khun Arut Tantasirin as a creator and owner of the copyright character created by the short animation film "Cheez...z" and has awards from various international short film festivals. Later, it developed the character Warbie in to a digital sticker in LINE application until it became popular around the world, with the character of the year award, There are many fan groups overseas and with Warbie Yama attractive identity, which has a warm story and presents value, it penetrates positive feelings to fans through works born of attention in everything.


This year, the Company has been a license agent of the Thai character brand "LINE CREATORS", consisting of 12 characters under LINE CREATORS, namely Dueb Dueb, Mao Whatta Pug, Onnie Bear, Gluta Bear, N9 Party Gang (Mhee gud gid, Cheer Rabbit, Chi Chi Chik), BearPlease, Shibung & Bingsu, minimal G, Boobib, Cotton, Mheenoom & Tainim and Tuagom. The contract period is 2 years only in Thailand.

T.A.C.C. Café Business

T.A.C.C. has expaned their beverage products into Café Business such as Jungle Café and Arabitia Café. There are branches all over the country and overseas as the company has already distributed to 3,000++ branches. Therefore, this provides another distribution channel for the company.

T.A.C.C. has been growing sustainably with the first year’s total sales amount of THB 24 MB in 2003. In 2004, it increased to THB 1,003 MB and reached THB 1,282 MB in 2017 and currently in 2022 sales amount to THB 1,536 MB. By strengthening our core business and stepping into new businesses which are in line with the Company's core business to strengthen the Company's sustainable growth and achieve the objectives and goals of T.A.C.C.