We will be one of the leading lifestyle products and beverage and companies in SEA which promptly deliver customer satisfication and establish mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with all key stakeholders.


TACC is committed to become a leading company offering beverage and Lifestyle product especially tea and coffee with both in B2B and consumer markets domestically and Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam with make stability of 4 profit as follow:


Customers, by creating customer satisfaction from making high quality product sold at reasonable price.

Business Partner Benefit

Trading partners, by emphasizing on sustainable and long term trading relationships.


The society, in taking part in improving quality of lives to community, social and environmental.


The organization, by providing satisfactory return to shareholders and compensation to employees.


T.A.C.Consumer Public Company Limited, formerly known as T.A.C Beverage Co., Ltd., has established itself as a specialist in tea and coffee. Incorporated on March 28, 2002, with an initial capital of two million baht, the company initially focused on dispenser drink business in collaboration with CP All Public Company Limited, offering products like iced tea, milk tea, coffee, and fruit juices.

In 2005, the company expanded into the Ready-to-Drink segment with the introduction of bottled green tea under the brand "Zenya" and broadened its market presence internationally, reaching countries such as Cambodia, Singapore, Dubai, and the United States. To sustain this growth, the company consistently increased its capital, eventually transforming into a public company and rebranding as "T.A.C.Consumer Public Company Limited" on August 26, 2015.

With a current paid-up capital of 152 million baht, the company was listed on the Market for Alternative Investment on December 2, 2015.

Strategic Marketing Team

Strategic Marketing Team
Over the past two decades of our partnership with 7-Eleven, T.A.C.C. has played a pivotal role in developing the dispenser beverage market. Since our entry in 2002, we introduced Thai-style favorites such as iced tea, milk tea, and iced coffee. These beverages resonated well with consumers, leading to remarkable sales growth of over 100 percent in consecutive years. Building on this success, we expanded our offerings to include a diverse range of dispenser fruit juices, which have enjoyed immense popularity among customers.

Our marketing team comprises experienced strategists with a cumulative experience of over two decades in the food and beverage industry. They have worked with renowned international brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Cerabos, AB Food & Beverages, Seagram, and Lintas. The team oversees every phase and dimension of product development, starting from the conceptualization to the business plan, positioning, and distribution channel. This ensures that our products align with the demands of the target market. Throughout this process, our marketing executives prioritize the efficiency of marketing expenses, aiming to maintain a performance-driven and sustainable growth trajectory.
Strategic Marketing Team
The company specializes in the procurement, production, and distribution of unique beverages, including tea, coffee, and lifestyle products. Our focus is on crafting marketing and sales strategies, coupled with continuous research and development, to offer a diverse array of beverages that cater to the specific demands of consumers across genders and age groups. The distinctive characteristics of our products fall into two primary groups: business-to-business (B2B) product development and business-to-consumer (B2C) product development.


Business to Business

กIn this category, our company collaborates closely with key strategic partners, considering them integral to our research and development process. This collaborative effort aims to manufacture and distribute products tailored to our customers' needs. Our offerings include beverages designed for cool dispensers in customers' shops, such as convenience stores and food chain restaurants, powdered ready-to-drink beverages featured in the All Café corner, and hot beverage dispensers.


Business to Customer

In addition to collaborative product groups with business allies, our company introduces products under its own brand. These include Na-Arun, TRIVA, as well as License Business and café operations.
Strategic R&D Team

Strategic R&D Team

With over two decades of experience in production and collaboration with Thailand's leading convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, we possess profound insights into the beverage industry. Our enduring partnerships with trading counterparties and supply chains, both domestically and overseas. We have implemented a rigorous quality control policy.

T.A.C.C International Business

T.A.C.C. is focused on expanding its presence into countries with significant economic growth potential, specifically targeting Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam, the countries with the largest consumer bases in the world.
Na Arun
Na Arun is a three-in-one drink mix, featuring rich Thai-style flavors and captivating aromas. Available in three enticing blends—milk tea, milk coffee, and jasmine green tea—Na Arun stands as an excellent choice for restaurants and beverage vendors. Not only does it provide a better profit margin compared to in-house preparations, but it also ensures consistent quality, flavor, and aroma with every serving.
Drink Dispenser
Nowadays, we export cold beverage dispensers, including tea and coffee, for retail at 7-Eleven stores in Cambodia, marking a key overseas distribution channel. Cambodia, with its expanding societal growth, represents a promising market for the future. 7-Eleven branches significantly grow and receive great responses. Some of these branches have more dispensers than their counterparts in Thailand—6 dispensers in Cambodia compared to 4 in Thailand. As of the end of 2023, there are a total of 79 branches locate in Cambodia's major cities, including Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kandal, Kompong Cham, Kompong Speu, and Sihanouk, among others.

Moreover, our company has introduced instant powder drinks (non-coffee menu) at All Café in 7-Eleven stores in Cambodia, receiving positive feedback from consumers in the region.

T.A.C.C License Business

T.A.C.C. signed a licensing agreement with Ingram, Japan, as a representative agent of San-X, Japan (Licensor), overseeing licensees across the territories of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.
Dog Please
They are characters born from the social media with delightful mix of humans and dogs weaving engaging narratives in creative, humorous, adorable, and heart-warming ways. This unique blend has captured the attention and gained immense popularity among dog lovers, amassing over a million followers on both Facebook and Instagram.
Warbie Yama
The company holds the license for the Thai brand character "Warbie Yama," created by Khun Arut Tantasirin. This character originated from the short animation film "Cheez...z," gaining awards from various international short film festivals. Later, it was developed as a digital sticker on the LINE application and gained global popularity, securing the Character of the Year award. With a attractive identity and heart-warming story, Warbie Yama resonates with fans worldwide, fostering positive emotions through attention-to-detail in its creation.
Line Creators
The company has become the licensing agent for the Thai character brand "LINE CREATORS," encompassing 12 characters. These characters include Dueb Dueb, Mao Whatta Pug, Onnie Bear, Gluta Bear, N9 Party Gang (Mhee gud gid, Cheer Rabbit, Chi Chi Chik), BearPlease, Shibung & Bingsu, minimal G, Boobib, Cotton, Mheenoom & Tainim, and Tuagom. The licensing agreement spans two years, exclusively within Thailand.
The company is the authorized agent responsible for the copyright management of “Bellygom”, the adorable pink bear character originating from South Korea. Bellygom, a charming bright pink bear, loves to surprise others and spread joy and playfulness. The contract spans four years and is exclusive to Thailand.

T.A.C.C Cafe Business

T.A.C.C. has expanded its beverage product line into the café business such as Jungle Café and Arabitia Café. With branches all over the country and overseas, the company has successfully reached over 3,000 locations. This strategic move has provided an additional distribution channel for the company.


has been growing sustainably since its establishment, starting with total sales of THB 24 million in 2003. Subsequently, in 2004, sales surged to THB 1,003 million, further escalating to THB 1,282 million in 2017. As of 2022, the current sales amount stands at THB 1,536 million. This growth is attributed to strengthening our core business and venturing into new business areas, aligning with the company's core objectives which are to strengthen the Company's sustainable growth and to meet T.A.C.C.'s goals.