International Business

T.A.C.C. focuses on expanding into the country group that has the potential for high economic growth, the CMLC group, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, as well as the country with the largest consumer base like China.

With our strong marketing and consumer research team, we understand consumer needs within the region and are well prepared to cater to those needs as our ambition is to become “the proud Thai product” in the ASEAN market.

  • CMLS Region
    China Region
    Development Region

    Cambodia is a neighboring country with high market growth potential. The Cambodian economy grows by 8-9 percent annually. Young population accounts for 55 percent of the total population.

    TACC entered into the Cambodian market in 2007. The first product launched to the market was Zenya green tea, bottled in colorful package. On a monthly basis one million bottles of Zenya are sold. The total green tea market value was Baht 700 million.

    By working together with an experienced distributor of consumer goods, we have secured Zenya some 16,000 traditional trade channels, 22 supermarkets and 271 convenience stores serving 90 percent of our target customers which are people in urban area who age between 18-25 years. The group has high purchasing power and tends to repeat purchase.


    Myanmar welcomes visitors and prepares for entering into the AEC. We entered Myanmar with the assistance from a Thai distributor who gathered over 30 years of experience working in Myanmar. We tried the market by launching VSlim. It is expected that the market and distribution channels would be fully established in a few years, after which, we will introduce the other products to the market.

  • LAOS

    Laos is Thailand’s close neighbor. A lot of Laotians travelled in and out of Thailand each year. Laotians are exposed to Thai media and communication. T.A.C.C. has a long term plan of doing business sustainably in the market. We export Zenya green tea to Laos. Dispenser coffees in convenience stores in the Laotian market also grew significantly last year.