International Business

T.A.C.C. focuses on expanding into the country group that has the potential for high economic growth: Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam.

With our strong marketing and consumer research team, we understand the region’s consumer needs. We are fully equipped and committed to meeting these needs, aspiring to establish ourselves as the esteemed symbol of “the proud of Thai product in the SEA market”.

  • CMLS Region
    Development Region

    Australia, owing to its historical background, embraces diversity of races and cultures. It also maintains economic stability with a consistent growth over the past two decades. Notably, the Australian government actively encourages and supports foreign investment, particularly in small businesses (SMEs). The Foreign Investment Policy in Australia creates a welcoming environment for nations like Thailand to engage in business ventures, promoting initiatives such as the 'Thailand Food & Asian Grocery'.

    It is estimated that in Australia there are around 4000 shops and restaurants selling Thai food and products. These shops and restaurants are concentrated mostly in Sydney and Melbourne due to their large residents of Thai and Asian immigrants. In Sydney, there is a Thai Town (located on Peace St.), the center for Thai community living in Australia.

    T.A.C.C. with our expertise in manufacturing “authentic Thai taste” products such as Thai ice tea, lemon tea and Matcha Latte, our products are widely available in Thai restaurants and Thai grocery stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.