International Business

T.A.C.C. focuses on expanding into the country group that has the potential for high economic growth, the CMLC group, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, as well as the country with the largest consumer base like China.

With our strong marketing and consumer research team, we understand consumer needs within the region and are well prepared to cater to those needs as our ambition is to become “the proud Thai product” in the ASEAN market.

  • CMLS Region
    China Region
    Development Region

    Australia is a nation of diversity because it had prior been under the custody of another country. So in Australia there are many races which makes Australia accept and is open to different cultures. Australia is also economically stable with continued stable economic growth for the past 20 years. The Australian government has been keen to provide support and promote foreign investment especially for small businesses (SMEs). Australia Foreign Investment Policy makes it is very open for foreign nations like Thailand to do business and promotes things such as the “Thailand Food & Asian Grocery".

    It is estimanted that in Australia there are around 4000 shops and restaurant selling Thai food and Thai food products. These shops and restaurant are concentrated mostly in Sydney and Melbourne due to both cities large population of Thai and Asian immigrants living there. In Sydney there is even a Thai Town (located on Peace St.) that is the center for the Thai community living in Australia.

    T.A.C.C. with our expertise in manufacturing “genuine Thai tastes” product such as Thai ice tea, Thai milk tea, lemon tea and Thai ice coffee have been making our products available to the Australian market. Our products are widely available in Thai restaurant and Thai groceries stores. T.A.C.C. products are sold through our partner Tanola Pty. Ltd. whom is a major importer or Thai products to Australia located in Melbourne.