International Business

T.A.C.C. focuses on expanding into the country group that has the potential for high economic growth, the CMLC group, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, as well as the country with the largest consumer base like China.

With our strong marketing and consumer research team, we understand consumer needs within the region and are well prepared to cater to those needs as our ambition is to become “the proud Thai product” in the ASEAN market.

  • CMLS Region
    China Region
    Development Region

    The Chinese likes Thai fruits, especially durian and mango. We commence selling “Sawasdee” in China market this year. Under the brand “Sawasdee” we make instant Thai tea, durian mix with real durian bits and mango mix with real mango bits.

    As China is a huge market, T.A.C.C. plans to distribute our products through our network and through e-commerce channel, starting from the densely populated cities with high income residents like Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chongqing before stretching to the other regions of China.