T.A.C.C. Corporate Governance
T.A.C.C. Corporate Governance
T.A.C.C. Corporate Governance
T.A.C.C. Corporate Governance

CSR 2022

Co-Development in the Community and Society
The Company operates with a strong sense of responsibility towards the community and society, understanding their pivotal role in sustainable development, a crucial factor for business operations. As part of our commitment, we continually strive to contribute to the development of both community and society. This dedication is reflected in our participation in various promotional activities, as detailed below:

- Care for the Environment: Partnering with the Mai Listed Companies Association, we supported the "Care the Wild Plookpong Plant & Protect" project, aiding reforestation in Ban Aoi forest and Ban Bun Roeng, Rong Kwang District, Phrae. Together with 53 other MAI listed companies, we contributed to planting 18,200 trees across 91 Rai of forest land.

- Disaster Relief: We donated 200 packs of natural alkaline drinking water (eight plus x Jay The Rabbit brand) to Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. for the "Siam Ruamjai Thai Help Thailand" project, assisting areas affected by flooding.

- Supporting Education: Consistently, we've donated old calendars to the Foundation for the Blind of Thailand under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the Queen Bangkok, serving as teaching aids for blind students.

- Contributions to Healthcare: Our donations of beverages to the Department of Corrections in Nonthaburi Province's Medical Correctional Hospital aim to support medical care facilities.

- Blood Donation: Employees actively volunteered to donate blood to the National Blood Center and Thai Red Cross Society, helping alleviate blood shortages and support regular patient treatments.

- Water Purification Initiative: Since 2015, we've donated drinking water purification machines to the "Sharing Water (Heart) to the Community" project. Our management team led T.A.C. Consumer PCL. employees to install water purification machines at Ban Nong Pla Lai School and Wat Nong Kanam School in Chonburi, offering ongoing support for filter replacements. These efforts reflect our commitment to serving and contributing to society.