Strategic Marketing Team
We have a marketing team with at least 2 decades of managerial experience in food industry companies. Global leading beverage and advertising agencies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Cerebos, AB Foods, Seagram, CPF, Lintas. The team supervises every phase and every dimension of product development. To provide marketing and sales that are suitable for target groups and distribution channels with cost effectiveness, profitability, and sustainable growth.
Strategic Marketing Team
Chatchawe Vatanasuk

Mr.Chatchawe Vatanasuk

Chairman of the Executive Committee
Chirapan Khotcharit

Mrs.Chirapan Khotcharit Choosang

Deputy Managing Director – Corporate Strategy Division
Suphot Leenanurak

Mr.Suphot Leenanurak

Deputy Managing Director Sales & Marketing Division
Suveeraya Ansavananda

Mrs.Suveeraya Ansavananda

Assistant Managing Director Strategic Partner & Integrated Marketing Communication Division
Hatsaya Charuwitayanan

Miss Hatsaya Charuwitayanan

Assistant Managing Director Operation Support Division