We have a marketing team with at least 2 decades of managerial experience in food industry companies. Global leading beverage and advertising agencies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Cerebos, AB Foods, Seagram, CPF, Lintas. The team supervises every phase and every dimension of product development. To provide marketing and sales that are suitable for target groups and distribution channels with cost effectiveness, profitability, and sustainable growth.

  • Vision

    We will be a leading company specializing in creating lifestyle products and beverages, being well-known in the SEA market, and be able to response to the needs in time by creating the mutual benefits and sustainable relationship with all stakeholders.

  • Mission

    T.A.C.C. employees will collaborate to make this company to be a leading company in beverages and lifestyle products, especially tea and coffee by operating in the manner of Business-to -Business and Business-to-Customer, for domestic and Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam by creating the stability through the 4 benefits as follows:

    1. Benefit to the “Consumers”, through the quality products, which be able to create consumers’ satisfaction in the fairly price.

    2. Benefit to the “Business partners”, through the policies and working under the principles of sustainable business partnership.

    3. Benefit to the “Society”, by being an organization involving in the contributions to develop the quality of life for the community, society, and environment.

    4. Benefit to the “Organization”, by creating the good returns to shareholders and employees.

  • Mr.Chatchawe Vatanasuk

    Mr.Chatchawe Vatanasuk

    • Present position

      Chairman of the Executive Committee

  • Mrs.Chirapan Khotcharit Choosang

    Mrs.Chirapan Khotcharit Choosang

    • Present position

      Deputy Managing Director – Corporate Strategy Division

  • Mr.Suphot Leenanurak

    Mr.Suphot Leenanurak

    • Present position

      Deputy Managing Director Sales & Marketing Division

  • Mrs.Suveeraya Ansavananda

    Mrs.Suveeraya Ansavananda

    • Present position

      Assistant Managing Director Strategic Partner & Integrated Marketing Communication Division

  • Miss Hatsaya Charuwitayanan

    Miss Hatsaya Charuwitayanan

    • Present position

      Assistant Managing Director Operation Support Division