Our marketing team consists of marketing strategists who gathered over 15 years of marketing experience in food and beverage industry from working with international brands like Coca- Cola, Unilever, Cerabos, AB Food & Beverages, Seagram, Lintas and Green Spot (Vitamilk). The team supervises every phase and every dimension of product development, from product concept to business plan to positioning to distribution channel in order that our product meets with the target market’s demand. In so doing, our marketing executives always take into account the effectiveness of marketing expense to maintain profit margin and sustainable growth.

As a startup, once the team perceived the marketing channel in a convenience store, we jointly developed and launched dispenser beverage with 7-Eleven. The product sales value doubled in several years at the beginning and still continued to prosper along with our business partner, 7- Eleven, who operates more 8,000 branches presently.

Further, our strategic marketing team has driven T.A.C.C. to become an owner of an international green tea brand, Zenya. The tea is available in 10 countries. In Cambodia, Zenya is ranked number one in green tea market share. It is also the only Thai-brand green tea sold in more than half of the schools in Singapore.

  • Vision

    “We will be the leading creator of unique drinks to promote the well being of all the stakeholders”

  • Mission

    T.A.C.C. is committed to become a leader in non-alcoholic drink segment both in B2B and consumer markets domestically and in CMLC group of countries, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and China. We will solidify our position as a leader by contributing to: 

    • customers, by creating customer satisfaction from making high quality product sold at reasonable price;
    • trading partners, by emphasizing on sustainable and long term trading relationships;
    • the society, in taking part in improving quality of lives and the environment; and 

    • the organization, by providing satisfactory return to shareholders and compensation to employees.

  • Mr.Chatchawe Vatanasuk

    Mr.Chatchawe Vatanasuk

    • Present position

      Chairman of the Executive Committee

  • Mrs.Chirapan Khotcharit Choosang

    Mrs.Chirapan Khotcharit Choosang

    • Present position

      Deputy Managing Director – Corporate Strategy Division

  • Mr.Suphot Leenanurak

    Mr.Suphot Leenanurak

    • Present position

      Deputy Managing Director Sales & Marketing Division

  • Mrs.Suveeraya Ansavananda

    Mrs.Suveeraya Ansavananda

    • Present position

      Assistant Managing Director Strategic Partner & Integrated Marketing Communication Division

  • Miss Hatsaya Charuwitayanan

    Miss Hatsaya Charuwitayanan

    • Present position

      Assistant Managing Director Operation Support Division