Meet the "Blue Series" Sweet Beverages with Jasmine Fragrance

Invite everyone to say “I love you” to their mother with blue jasmine/butterfly pea menu items that are perfect blends of delicious flavor and the beautiful blue color from “100% real butterfly pea flowers” mixed with the fragrance of “jasmine flowers” that will give you the perfect flavor of freshness and relaxation.

- Cloudy Milky Latte, 16 oz., Price: 40.-
- Blue Coffee Latte, 22 oz., Price 50.-
- Cloudy Drinking Yogurt, 22 oz., Price 55.-
- จัJasmine Pangyen, 12 oz., Price 40.-

Meet the "Blue Series" Drinks Nationwide This 27 July 2023 @7-ELEVEN

Another Convenient Ordering Channel Through #7DELIVERY or Call 1371
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