T.A.C.C. Renews San-X Copyright Agent Agreement with Coverage of 7 Countries; Pushes License Business to be a One-Stop-Service

T.A.C.C. renewed a copyright agent agreement for famous Japanese San-X characters with coverage of seven countries, namely, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. The San-X characters are Rilakkuma, Sumikkogurashi, Sentimental Circus, Kamonohashikamo and Mamegoma, etc. With an agreement duration of five years (2023 – 2027), the company is confident this will push income in 2023 to grow continually by 10 percent and enable the company to be more ready to push the license business to become a one-stop-service and expand the characters business abroad.

In the area of plans to expand the character copyrights business with the famous San-X Japanese brand, the company will focus on domestic sales to welcome the return of domestic consumption in 2023 and expand the business abroad in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, etc., Because this year is the 20th anniversary for the Rilakkuma character, the company will promote the 20th anniversary theme with other countries worldwide in celebration of Rilakkuma.