"Tasty Matcha Latte drink with fragrant smell of Matcha " has come back again according to your demand

The highlight of “Matcha latte drink  ‘Matcha Latte’” lies in blending the proportion of tea properly, and the careful selection of tea varieties and harvesting seasons. This gives the drink a unique smell and taste of tea, with just the right aroma and tartness. The aroma of tea and the milky fragrance respond to needs of a wide range of customers.
Let’s try “Matcha latte drink  ‘Matcha Latte’” all over the country this 18 August 2022 @7-ELEVEN.
5."Berry Prune Drink", sour and sweet, with full flavor of prunes and mixed berries.
Prune berry drink has a unique taste of "prune" combined with the sweetness of "mixed berry," with properties that help in balancing the gastrointestinal tract.
Try the drink "Prune Berry Drink" all over the country this 22 September  2022 @7-ELEVEN