TACC Launches Warbie Yama, an Impish Bird Character Created by a Thai

TACC launched Warbie Yama, a mischievous bird character created by Urut Tantasirin, a Thai creator and character copyright owner. The character has been warmly welcomed by fan clubs worldwide.

Warbie Yama, the playful bird, was born from the short animation film “Cheez…z” and has won many international short animation film awards. Later, the character of Warbie was developed into a LINE digital sticker until the character became popular globally and won the Character of the Year Award. The character has many international fans. With Warbie Yama’s interesting identity, warm study and value presentation, positive feelings are generated for fans through work created by meticulous attention to every step.

TACC is confident that using Warbie Yama, this cute character created by a Thai that is both cute and annoying, to penetrate the market and expand customer bases will create an excellent response and TACC hopes the character will become well-known and one of the most popular in Thailand.