Our marketing team consists of marketing strategists who gathered over 15 years of marketing experience in food and beverage industry from working with international brands like Coca- Cola, Unilever, Cerabos, AB Food & Beverages, Seagram, Lintas and Green Spot (Vitamilk). The team supervises every phase and every dimension of product development, from product concept to business plan to positioning to distribution channel in order that our product meets with the target market’s demand. In so doing, our marketing executives always take into account the effectiveness of marketing expense to maintain profit margin and sustainable growth.

During the period of over a decade that we partnered with 7-Eleven, T.A.C.C. has developed dispenser beverage market. When we first entered the market in 2002, we introduced some Thai-style favorites like iced tea, milk tea and iced coffee. The drinks were well received by consumers and as a result we witnessed over 100 percent sales growth in a few consecutively years. Later on we introduced to the market a variety of dispenser fruit juices which have been immensely popular with customers.


เชนย่า (Zenya) From its previous background as an OEM, in 2005 T.A.C.C. took a major step forward in becoming a brand owner by launching its own brand, Zenya, the bottled green tea , distributed mainly in our overseas market.


International Business

T.A.C.C. focuses on expanding into the country group that has the potential for high economic growth, the CMLCC group, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, as well as the country with the largest consumer base like China.

วีสลิม (VSlim) In responding to consumer’s awareness in health and beauty, T.A.C.C. launched VSlim, health and weight control canned coffee. It was the first health coffee in this type of packaging. The coffee has been distributed mainly in convenience stores around Myanmar and Thailand.


สวัสดี (Sa-Was-Dee) “สวัสดี” is a premium instant drink mix, a blend of durian and milk, which shows off the uniqueness of Thai flavors. It is produced from high quality durian produce, sourced for the right aroma, texture and flavor. The mix is tasty hot or cold. The product is catered to people with Chinese origin all over the world who enjoys this Thai-style flavor.

ณ อรุณ (Na-A-Roon) is a three-in-one drink mix with rich Thai-style flavors and aromas. Na-A-Roon is available in three mixes, milk tea, milk coffee and jasmine green tea. The drink mixes are great alternatives for restaurants and drink vendors. It offers better profit margin than the drink prepared by the restaurants themselves as well as consistencies in quality, flavor and aroma.

เครื่องดื่มชูกำลัง ตรา”จั๊มพ์สตาร์ท” (Jump Start) ผสมจินเส็งชาเขียว และ วิตามินรวม มี 2 รสชาติ ได้แก่ รสผลไม้รวม และรสน้ำทับทิม

T.A.C.Consumer PCL (TACC) has jointly developed hot beverage automatic vending with CPALL PCL to add convenience for customers buying beverages at 7-Eleven.

By the end of 2016 we will be one of the leading beverage companies in ASEAN which can promptly deliver customer satisfaction and establish mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship with trading partners.

T.A.C.C. has maintained fast and steady growth. Its sales revenue has grown from 24 million Baht in 2003 to over one billion Baht in 2014.

In 2013, T.A.C.C. set up a manufacturing plant to support its business expansion.