TACC launched a new ASEAN brand "Hay", fruit juice for the lower market to "Zenya"

T.A.C.Consumer PCL focuses on increasing revenue from foreign markets, namely, Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar in capturing AEC markets.  “Hay” drink with 10 percent fruit juice content is positioned to tap into labor markets consisting of workers from neighboring countries.  The drink shall be a springboard for TACC to secure its market in the AEC.  TACC also add more cold beverage dispenser at convenient stores in Laos.  It also aims to capitalize on “Zenya”’s  market leading position by launching new products into the Cambodian market.  In Thailand, it launches hot beverage dispenser in order to achieve sales growth of more than 10 percent.

Mr. Chanit Suwanparin, Managing Director, T.A.C.Consumer PCL (TACC), a producer and distributor of instant green tea drink “Zenya”, instant coffee "V-Slim" and cold dispenser beverage in 7-Eleven, mentioned that in order to align the TACC business with the upcoming development in embracing the ASEAN Economics Community or AEC, from now on the Company will focus on increasing proportion of foreign sales in its overall sales revenue to 12-15 percent from the prevailing proportion of 8-9 percent.  The Company will emphasize on building strong domestic brands and later launch the brands in neighboring markets, especially in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar in the future.   From the overall market outlook, lower priced fruit juice market still have good potential for growth.  From the end of last year, the Company launched a 10-Baht drink with 10 percent fruit juice content and coconut jelly, “Hay” in three flavors to the lower market.  The product is positioned for the labor market, which is dominated by workers from neighboring countries.  The product’s brand image has the look and feel of Korean-style product, a popular trend in the neighboring countries.  The product is distributed through traditional trade channels in central and northeastern regions of Thailand, the areas in which foreign labors predominantly reside.   The initial sales target is set at 3,000-5,000 cartons per month.  Presently, the products were also sold through Laos and Cambodia borders.  The Company plans to assign sales agents in the neighboring countries going forward.