TACC joins hands with "LINE Thailand" to further expand the license business

TACC joins hands with LINE Thailand to push Thai creators to create works. TACC is the first to be entitled to oversee the copyright over 12 hottest characters created by Thai people under LINE CREATORS to be supplied to the alliance in order to produce merchandising and premium products to the market. This collaboration helps push Thai creators to have their work known both domestically and internationally while expanding the character copyright business to generate more income and penetrate foreign markets.
Through this partnership, TACC will have the right to coordinate 12 characters under LINE CREATORS, including Dueb Dueb, Mao Whatta Pug, Onnie Bear, Gluta Bear, N9 Party Gang (Mhee gud gid, Cheer Rabbit, Chi Chi Chik). ), BearPlease, Shibung & Bingsu, minimal G, Boobib, Cotton, Mheenoom & Tainim and Tuagom, some of which have had the opportunity to work with leading brands such as Nivea, Uniqlo, lingerie. in Sabina, etc.
However, TACC has set a medium-term goal to accelerate sales in the character business to grow more from expanding the character business to foreign countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos in the future.