TACC shook hands with NPP to establish a joint venture “Siam Gateway”

TACC shook hands with NPP to establish a joint venture “Siam Gateway” with TACC holding approximately 51% of shares while NPP holding 49%. It expected to complete the establishment by the third quarter of this year so that the business could be extended to focus on reinforcing complete foreign market channels, including online offline, B2B, B2C, and duty free. This aimed to ensure opportunities to extend the business in the future, aiming to be a leading complete export service provider to help Thai merchandise producers from the start until the end.
Mr. Chatchawee Wattanasuk, the Chef Executive Officer of T.A.C. Consumer Public Company Limited, or TACC, revealed that as the Board of Director approved in principle that the Company entered in the negotiation with NPPG (Thailand) Public Company Limited, or NPP, to establish a joint venture called “Siam Gateway Co., Ltd.”. TACC would hold approximately 51% of the registered capital of the joint venture while NPP would hold approximately 49%. As for the management structure, the Board of Directors of the joint venture would consist of representatives from each groups of shareholders according to shareholding proportions. Siam Gateway Co., Ltd. was expected to have an initial registered capital of 50 million baht, of which TACC would take from its working capital by the amount of 25.50 million baht. However, the joint venture establishment depended on the result of negotiation between TACC and NPP, which would complete by the third quarter of the year 2018.              
Siam Gateway Co., Ltd. would run its business as a One Stop Service which included product packaging and distribution via export distributing channels to nearby regions, and it would be a center for complete export services such as online, offline, and duty free shops including managing exports to cover the SEA region and China.  

Mr. Chatchawee said that “We are confident that this joint venture will promote and extend the Company’s core business through distributing channels of the joint venture company, which are regarded as increased goods sales, expand customer bases and ultimately support healthy growth for the Company in the future.”
The Company was the service industry, followed by the resource group of 16 companies and 14 companies from the industrial product group. Moreover, there were 10 companies whose securities registered in the Mai market entering ESG100, namely D, ITEL, JUBILE, MOONG, PPS, SPA, SWC, TACC, TPCH, WINNER.