TACC celebrated the 10th anniversary of ZENYA green tea in Cambodia with a huge prize

TACC celebrated the 10th anniversary of ZENYA green tea in Cambodia with a huge prize giveaway beginning this October as a reminder of ZENYA’s number-one status among leading brands in Cambodia’s green tea market.

TACC, a leader in the green tea beverage market in Cambodia, is celebrating ZENYA’s 10th anniversary from this October onward by sponsoring a campaign with a huge prize giveaway featuring prizes like a Honda City motorcycle and cash, etc. with “Pancake” (Khemanit Jamikorn) as the brand ambassador who has a large fan club in Cambodia.  In terms of management, Mr. Chatchawe Vatanasuk is confident that this will raise awareness of the campaign and result in increased growth overseas for added income.

Mr. Chatchawe Vatanasuk, Chairman of the Executive Board for TAC Consumer PCL (TACC), a leader in (TACC) in the beverage dispenser business in 7-Eleven disclosed, “The company has prepared a campaign for celebrating ZENYA green tea’s 10th anniversary from this October onward.  

I am  confident that the campaign we have prepared as a thank you to our customers and a reminder of Zeny’s number-one status in Cambodia’s green tea market as well as a means of boosting sales growth, which we have done.”  “Pancake” (Khemanit Jamikorn) is the brand’s ambassador.

​“The campaign has enjoyed an excellent reception from Cambodian fan club members and consumers who enjoy the delicious flavor of ZENYA green tea which is currently a leading brand on the market.  This will drive TACC’s income toward strong growth and become an added source of income, while distributing business operation risks and generating good dividends to our shareholders” added Mr. Chatchawe in closing.