Closing price of TACC share at first day opening for trade stood at 44.44 percent above IPO price. The share gave impressive return. Management vowe

Shares of T.A.C. Consumer PLC (TACC) the leader in dispenser beverage industry were traded in the SET for the first.  The first day opening price was 3.88 Baht per share, a remarkable hike of 34.72percent from its IPO price of 2.88 Baht.  “Chatchawee Wattanasook” announced the company would run at full steam ahead from now on in order to generate a leap growth in revenue and profit for the next three years.  “TACC is an attractive new share in the market.  I believe TACC’s future business would expand dramatically as a result from new products launched to the market which would help sustain and drive revenue and profit growth in the future”, TACC’s Financial Advisor from Finansia Syrus Securities noted.
TACC shares were traded in the mai on 2 December 2015 for the first day.  It created impressive returns for investors.  The opening price was Baht 3.88 per share, a rise of Baht 1 per share from its IPO price of Baht 2.88 per share or an equivalent of 34.72 percent increase.  During the trading hours the price jumped up to as high as Baht 4.16 or by 44.44 percent compared to its IPO price before closing at Baht 3.60 per share, an increase of Baht 0.72 per share from its IPO price or by 25 percent compared to its IPO price.  The total trading value for the day was Baht 2,107.71 million.
Mr. Chatchawee Wattanasook, Chairman of T.A.C.Consumer Plc (TACC)’s Executive Board disclosed that TACC’s share trading performance during the first trading day was a consequence from the confidence investors had in TACC’s business and future growth potential.  The proceeds from the initial public offering would be invested in 1,500 beverage vending machines to be installed within 2017.  TACC planned to install 10 vending machines in 2015 with a plan to install 740 machines in 2016 and 750 machines in 2017.  The total investment in acquiring the vending machines acquisition was estimated at Baht 120 million.  The remaining proceeds would be maintained as working capital.
“I am grateful for the warm welcome investors extended towards our company.  TACC’s management and staff are determined to work for TACC in order to achieve satisfactory returns for investors and we are confident the next three years we would experience a leap growth following our business expansion into automatic beverage vending.  The Company also aims to invest overseas to secure sustainable future growth for the Company”, Mr. Chatchawee mentioned.
Mr. Sompob Keerasoontornpong,  Managing Director, Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited, TACC’s financial advisor, share distributor and underwriter, said the first trading day of TACC shares was sensational.  This was due to the right pricing of the IPO share in addition to investors' confidence in TACC business which was resulted from its sound fundamentals and robust prospects for automatic beverage vending machine.  These factors would drive TACC growth during the next three years.
 “I am confident that TACC will become investors’ favorite stock pick judging from its strong fundamentals and its solid and sustainable growth prospect which would contribute to healthy operating results in the future“, Mr Sompob finally added.