TACC meets investors at the Opportunity Day activity, reporting the half-year performance of 2019.

TAC Consumer Public Company Limited met with investors in the Opportunity Day activity to report the half-year performance of 2019 on September 17, 2019, at Room 603, Building B, Stock Exchange of Thailand by Mr. Chatchavi Wattanasuk, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr. Jiraphan Kacharitchooang, Deputy Managing Director and Management Team

TACC, the second half of the year, has grown and spurred. The work is constantly smashing the New High. Ready to move forward with new flavors of drinks served in 7-11 including cold drinks in a pressed bowl and All Cafe
and launching the famous character online in Thailand, "Mhao Ja" which is expected to receive the attention as usual. "Mr. Chatchavi Wattanasuk", Chairman of the Executive Board, revealed that there is no effect on the new round of sweet tax after adjusting the formula and ensuring revenue this year will grow according to the target of 15% from the previous