TACC foresees the signing of an MOU with Quanjian Group for sending beverages to China

TACC  is close to signing an MOU for a big project with the Quanjian Group, an MLM market leader, and expand giant number-one online products in the Chinese national group from the land of dragons to develop products and be a distributor of products together in sending the canned weight control coffee beverage “V Slim”.  The first lot will be marketed within the next two or three months with a target of over 4 million MLM member households.  The goods will be distributed online in an effort to up non 7-Eleven sales and push for continual income growth abroad.

Initially, the company has been preparing the weight control canned coffee beverage “V Slim” to be placed on the market in China over the past two or three months, which is considered a key market launching through the MLM sales network and online sales venues with the highest sales figures in the number-one spot domestically and among Chinese companies and ranks seventh worldwide.

In addition, TACC the Quanjian Group will also work together in product research and development in order to solve consumer demand issues in both countries.  It is expected that products will be imported for sales in Thailand and exported to China in the near future with new products launched together.