TACC Delivers a New Product to Welcome Summer: “Zenya” Margarita Mocktail and Mai Tai.

“Zenya Mocktail” is a new style of drink. It is fun and refreshing with a new and elegantly-designed package that makes it convenient to carry around. There are slots for inserting fingers to allow for carrying to anywhere. Importantly, it is environmentally-friendly and its content of 250 millimeters can be stored for up to four months.

The drink comes in two flavors, namely, “Margarita Mocktail” and “Mai Tai Mocktail. Margarita Mocktail is green tea made in the Margarita Mocktail formula. Its flavor is slightly sour and sweet and is most refreshing. The orange “Mai Tai Mocktail”, it is green tea based on the Mai Tai Mocktail formula. It’s sweet with a fruity flavor. Both are priced at 30 baht/bag **Available at some 7-11 branches only.

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