Hot beverage from TACC VENDING MACHINE offers 24-hour pleasure in drinking

After gaining great success in Dispenser Drink in B2B as the tea and coffee manufacturer for 7-Eleven Convenient Stores, today TACC is ready to deliver the hot beverage to consumers with our newly-launched TACC Vending Machines.  We offer 3 popular menus for your taste including the coffee produced by roasting the absolute best coffee beans, the aromatic Matcha milk green tea made of superb Japanese tea and the ready-to-serve premium hot chocolate drink.

Ready-made with superb quality: As we offer our products through the vending machines, many people may worry that the taste and aroma of our drinks might not be quite good.  There is no problem for us at all as TACC Vending Machine has the state-of-the-art beverage combination technology with the speed of up to 13,000 rounds per minute.  The vending machine creates the soft coffee bubbles which are even softer than the ones mixed by baristas.  Moreover, the vending machine has constant water pressure and faster mix duration.  So, you can be sure that hot beverage from TACC Vending Machine will be enormously aromatic and soft for your great pleasure in drinking.