TACC met entrepreneurs in the Opp Day’s activity

TACC met entrepreneurs in the Opp Day’s activity on 30 March 2016 at room 603 Building B at Stock Exchange of Thailand (New place). Mr. Chatchawe Vatanasuk, chief executive officer and Mr. Chanit Suwanparin, managing director of T.A.C. Consumer PCL presented basic information of business and provided the performance of last year and showed the trend in 2016.

T.A.C. Consumer PCL proceeds to install hot drinks machine in 7- 11as per the plan. The hot drinks machines are expected to be installed 90 machines before the middle of April 16. The feedback is excellent and consumers like tastes of products. In the end of year, the machines will be installed 750 branched throughout Thailand. The installation will be increased to 1,500 branches in 2017. The CEO, Mr. Chatchawe Vatanasuk, assures that the income of 2016 is growing more than 15% compares to last year which the income is around THB 1,000,000,000.- He aims to expand business to overseas to welcomes the free trade area project of ASEAN Economic Community and to push market share of oversea to  increase to 12% as it is  at 8% of total income from last year. Recently, TACC launches new products which is fruit juice mixed with coconut jelly name “Hay” to present below market for national and international market.