TACC to begin trading on 2 December 2015, upbeat with response from investors

Strong fundamentals support long-term growth- new business line, Vending Machine, to shake the market!

T.A.C. Consumer Plc (TACC) was upbeat on its upcoming trade opening in mai on 2 December. “Chatchawee Wattanasook” stressed strength came from TACC’s leading position in dispenser beverage market in 7-Eleven and the Company would further capitalize on its presence at 7-Eleven by installing 1,500 automatic beverage vending machine by 2017 to boost sales revenue and to achieve a leap in sales growth. “Sompob Keerasoontornpong” from Finansia Syrus Securities Plc confirmed that TACC would be an investment alternative which offered high growth.  TACC’s future business trend was extremely positive and its fundamentals were solid.  It would become a new star for investors in mai.

Mr. Chatchawee Wattanasook, T.A.C.Consumer Plc (TACC)’s Chairman of the Executive Board, revealed that he was positive that on its first trading day on 2 December 2015, TACC would receive satisfactory response from investors and its share price would likely stand above its IPO price of Baht 2.88 per share since investors perceived a leap growth in our business in the following three years to be brought about by our investment in automatic Vending Machines for tea and coffee dispensing at 7-Eleven.  The target installation was at 1,500 machines to be completed by 2017.  We expected to finish installing 10 Vending Machines by this year end, 740 machines by 2016 and 750 machines by 2017. The total investment for the installation was estimated at Baht 120 million which was to be funded by the proceeds from the IPO. 
“I am positive TACC’s sales and revenue during the next three years would dramatically grow after we complete the planned installation of 1,500 Vending Machines at 7-Eleven.  We have tried the market and obtained good customer response.  We would complete installation at 10 branches by this year end”, Mr. Chatchawee stated.
He further added that although TACC stock was not so large in term of market capitalization he believed TACC’s business plan and prospect for growth were sound and attractive to investors.  “I am certain that we would achieve notable operating results for the next three years as a consequence from our investment in Vending Machine to be installed at 7-Eleven and our penetration into international markets, namely instant coffee mix “Sawasdee”, to be launched in China, as well as instant drink mix “ Na-Arun” distributed in Thai restaurants across the globe.
Mr. Sompob Keerasoontornpong,  Managing Director, Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited, TACC’s financial advisor, share distributor and underwriter, disclosed that today TACC was all set for its first day of trading.  He also asserted that TACC share would receive remarkable market response today due to the right pricing of its IPO share at Baht 2.88 per share.  The attractive share price was backed by strong fundamentals and the upcoming business expansion.
“TACC share is appealing in many ways.  It is ranked number one in terms of market share in dispenser beverage market at 7-Eleven.  In the meantime, TACC is also ranked number one in the green tea market in Cambodia with its brand “Zenya”.  In addition, the Company’s management team who gathered over 20 years of marketing experience in food and beverage industry from working with international brand possesses profound knowledge and expertise in beverage industry, especially, market trend, popularity and consumer demand.  This coupled with its strong R&D team enables TACC to respond quickly and precisely to market opportunity, unsatisfied market needs and evolving consumer life style.  TACC’s major strategic move is the expansion in installing Vending Machine at 7-Eleven which would generate our main income stream and a big leap forward in the next three years.  I am convinced TACC share would be among the top stock picks” Mr. Sompob finally concluded.