“Chatchawee Wattanasook” Small company with emphasis on sincerity, innovation and marketing

“Chatchawee Wattanasook” ,42-year old, T.A.C. Consumer PCL. (TACC)’s Chairman of Executive Board, a supplier and distributor of tea and coffee in “7-Eleven" and an owner of some beverage brands, expected to make an initial public offering (IPO) of 168 million shares and to be listed in mai by this December.

He had been inspired by his family business in machinery trading.  He wished he would become an entrepreneur one day so he joined an evening business class at Assumption University in order to earn a bachelor degree while during the day time he took a day job as a marketing staff member at a property development company.  From his work experience, he realized the importance of financial and human resources management.
Later he took marketing jobs at other leading multi-national companies.  These companies were owners of many popular brands.  While working for Cerebos he looked after Brand Chicken Soup for one year, then moved on to another company and took care of Ovaltin for another two years.  Then he joined Coca- Cola and spent another two years there.
Realizing that his mother was aging and had some health concern, he decided to join family business.  In the meantime from his familiarity with machinery he spotted the opportunity to market dispenser beverage drink which is an instant drink, a market with a huge growth opportunity.  He contacted 7-Eleven and had done business with CPALL from 2002 until now.
He told us that from his experience with beverage products, he could identify pros and cons or differences of marketing practices of each product.  He drew from this knowledge when he worked for the Company.  The most important thing in this industry was incessant product development since the shelf life of the beverage drink was only 24 hours.  Any product left over could only be disposed of.  Hence the Company must put emphasis on product cost control and operation.
Later on he perceived the need for having own brand, the Company therefore developed its own products, which were green tea, instant green tea mix, green tea milk, mango with milk or durian with milk, etc.

Nevertheless, every product the company ever launched came from the Company being an organization with innovation and extensive marketing activities.  The Company thought of itself as a small company, therefore it strived to differentiate itself from others by inventing new quality products on a regular basis in-house.  From its inception, the Company set up a separate Research and Development department, although the Company was still very small and had only handful members.  Then it gradually built up a network of trade alliance.
The crux in work ethics of this inventor-marketer is “sincerity” he had towards customers and trade partners.  In conducting businesses, creditworthiness is indispensable and it could only be exchanged with sincerity.
During his spare time the young executive travelled domestically and abroad with his family or spent time golfing.  He still looked after four businesses including his family business.
Nevertheless his way of life is to keep work and leisure well-balanced because if physical and mental health is not in good condition, you cannot be an effective person in any aspect of life.