TACC and its financial advisor, Finansia Syrus Securities, to host road show events in four provinces

TACC and its financial advisor, Finansia Syrus Securities will host road shows in four provinces, “Khon Kaen- Songkhla-Chiangmai-Bangkok” to show off TACC’s strength as a leader in 7-Eleven dispenser beverage market.  IPO of 168 million shares and the listing in mai are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The young and energetic executive, “Chatchawee Wattanasook” would use the proceeds to expand into an automatic beverage vending market with a trade partner.  He is positive the automatic beverage vending machine would contribute to strong future income and profitability. 
Mr. Sompob Keerasoontornpong,  Managing Director, Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited, T.A.C. Consumer PCL.(TACC)’s financial advisor revealed that the company is scheduled to travel on a road show accompanying TACC  to present company information to retail investors for them to get acquainted and understand TACC’s business fundamentals prior to opening of initial public offering (IPO) subscription.  TACC would make a public offering of 168 million shares and would be listed in mai by the end of 2015.  Road show events were to be held in four provinces, Khon Kaen on 6 November, Songkhla on 9 November, Chiangmai on 10 November and Bangkok on 20 November.
“I trust that our road show would be welcomed by investors since TACC has strong fundamentals from being CPALL’s Key Strategic Partner for over 12 years and their continuing joint-development of products supported by TACC’s serious commitment to research and development.  Recently, TACC also plan to expand its business to install beverage vending machines in the convenience store chain which would further its future growth firmly.” Mr. Sompob said.
Mr. Chatchawee Wattanasook, Chairman of T.A.C. Consumer PCL. (TACC)’s Executive Board revealed that during the road show, the Company would present TACC’s company information on current business operation and plan for future expansion.  The investors would learn about the company’s potential as a Key Strategic Partner of 7-Eleven and its status as a number one market leader in Cambodian green tea market with 50 percent market share.  There were still market opportunity in B2C products.  Hence after the fund mobilization the Company would be all set to expand into automatic Vending Machine beverage market in responding to growing demand from customers at convenient stores all over the country.
The Company intended to install 1,500 vending machines by the year 2017 and would focus on exporting “Sawasdee” drink to China. สวัสดี” (Sa-Was-Dee) is a unique product that contained real bits and pieces of Thai fruits taking an advantage of the reputation of the two Thai fruits, mango and durian.  The two flavors offered are, durian, a blend of durian and milk, and mango, a blend of mango and milk. 
Our strength comes from our status as a Key Strategic Partner with Thailand’s retail giant like 7-Eleven who operate over 8,000 branches with sales revenue of over Baht 300,000 million annually.  There are still opportunity for business expansion in the future which would contribute to our sustainable growth in terms of revenue and profitability.  In addition, we pay utmost attention to research and development to obtain distinguished and unique product characteristics in form and taste.  Our marketing team consists of professionals whose experience drawn from leading food and beverage companies enabling us to plan our strategic moves in sales and marketing to hit the right target consumers as well as to tap into marketing channels efficiently.  From the strengths aforesaid we are convinced that once TACC make its public offering it would receive great interest from investors,” Mr. Chatchawee finally added
TACC is a sourcer, supplier and distributor of tea and coffee.  The Company’s major product is dispenser beverage (Business to Business or B2B), the product it has jointly developed with its business alliance, CPALL PLC. (CPALL).
The products, iced coffee under 7-Eleven brand and milk tea under “Zenya” brand, the Company’s own brand have been distributed at branches of “7-Eleven” all over the country.  Zenya is another jointly developed product with 7-Eleven.  “Zenya” brand products include latte coffee, jub-liang tea, match agree tea, milk green tea with cantaloupe flavor, black coffee and vegan iced coffee.  The products are offered to consumers seasonally or occasionally.  In Business to Consumer or B2C market, the Company also market its own products like “Zenya” green tea, “VSlim” health and weight control coffee- the first of its kind ever packaged in can, “Na-Arun” and “Sawasdee” instant drink mixes which are mainly catered to export markets.
In 2014, the Company’s total revenue was Baht 1,007.20 million and net profit was Baht 51.84 million.  For the first half of the year 2015, (January-June 2015), the total revenue was Baht 498.92 million and net profit was Baht 38.95 million, an equivalent of 69 percent increase from the same period the year before.  The Company’s dividend policy is set to pay out not less than 30 percent of its net profit, from the Company’s separate income statement as dividend, after corporate income tax and legal reserve, as dividend.