“TACC” aimed for IPO of 168 million shares by end of 2015

T.A.C.Consumer was ready to be listed in mai during this year end.  Executive, “Chatchawee Wattanasook” disclosed that the Company would use the proceeds for its business expansion and working capital.  While “Mr. Sompob Keerasoontornpong” a well recognized financial advisor from Finansia Syrus Securities was confident in TACC’s strengths and growth potential.  He was well prepared for the imminent IPO of the Company.

Mr. Chatchawee Wattanasook, Chairman of T.A.C. Consumer PCL. (TACC)’s Executive Board, a sourcer, supplier and distributor of tea and coffee, disclosed that  the Company was ready for its IPO and to be listed in mai by the end of this year.  The proceeds from the share offering would be used in business expansion and as working capital.  He expected to receive an excellent response from investors since TACC had been considered a tea and coffee sourcer, supplier and distributor who put emphasis on clearly distinguished product characteristic and uniqueness.  The Company continued incessantly to perform research and development.  The Company’s main products are dispenser beverage it has jointly developed with CPALL Plc for distribution in “7-Eleven” branches countrywide, namely , iced coffee under 7-Eleven brand and milk tea under “Zenya” brand, the Company’s own brand.  The Company also developed seasonal beverages, such latte coffee, jub-liang tea, match agree tea, milk green tea with cantaloupe flavor, black coffee and vegan iced coffee on a regular basis.

 “We have been a trade partner of the country’s leading convenience store chain, 7-Eleven for over 12 years. Throughout the period we made joint efforts in developing dispenser beverages and other beverages including the instant drink mixes we developed for All Cafe’, the café located in 7-Eleven premises, in 2014.  The drinks served there were well received by customers.  TACC’s success lied within its retention of a talented Research and Development team and its endless effort in creating products with uniqueness in form and taste.  We never stop inventing and developing new products to respond to new consumer demand.  In order to generate sustainable income and return to the Company, the Company decided to mobilize fund and list in mai.  We work with Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited who is our financial advisor, share distributor and underwriter during the whole process and we trust our working together would be successful” Mr.Chatchawee lastly concluded.

Mr. Sompob Keerasoontornpong,  Managing Director, Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited, TACC’s financial advisor, share distributor and underwriter addressed that TACC enjoyed continuing business expansion.  Not only that it was a longstanding 7-Eleven trade partner, it also owned local and international brands. “I believe there was still plenty of room from TACC to grow, especially opportunities to jointly develop new products to be distributed through 7-Eleven networks over the country as well as to capture the new customer groups.  TACC’s competitive edge also came from the strength in its Research and Development.  Its retention of a talented team enabled it to invent and develop new mixes and recipes which superbly answered to market demand”, he added

 “TACC is offering its of 168 million ordinary shares for subscription to the public.  The total of 159 million shares are offered to the general public while the remaining 9 million shares are offered to directors, executives and staff members.  The IPO and the listing process shall be completed by the end of the year”, Mr. Sompob mentioned. 

TACC operates in two core markets, B2B and B2C.  For B2B it develops products with business partners and supplies the products to their entities.  Products in this group are dispenser beverage drinks which are iced coffee under 7-Eleven brand, iced tea under “Zenya” brand, instant drink mix and seasonal or occasional jointly-developed products.  In B2C market, green tea “Zenya”, “VSlim” coffee, “Cha Cha”, “Na-Arun” and “Sawasdee”, which is distributed in local as well as in international markets.

For the first half of 2015, the Company’s total revenue amounted to Baht 498.92 million and the net profit was Baht 38.95 million.  The Company’s dividend policy is set to pay out not less than 30 percent of its net profit, from the Company’s separate income statement as dividend, after corporate income tax and legal reserve.