TACC’s Sharing Happiness with Children

Suveeraya Ansavananda, Director of Key Accounts and Communications and T.A.C. Consumer PCL. staff members gave Zenya Green Tea to "Pakkred Home for Children with Disabilities" for distribution to the following centers:

  • Pakkred Home for Children with Disabilities
  • Pakkred Remand Home for Boys
  • Pakkred Home for Boys
  • Home for Welfare Protection of the Victims from Human Trafficking (Kredtrakarn Home) Nonthaburi
  • Home for Children with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Pakkred Home for Children with Disabilities (Girls)
  • Center for Occupation Development for People with the Disabled
  • Service Center for People with Autistism, Nonthaburi
  • Shelter for the Homeless, Nonthaburi
  • Learning Center for Central Region Woman and Family Development