TACC arrayed instant drink mix “Sawasdee” to be placed at King Power to target tourist customers, especially the Chinese

Suveeraya Ansavananda, TACC’s Director of Key Accounts and Communications and Tit Lohachata, TACC’s Sales Manager did their market survey visiting Sawasdee booths at King Power Duty Free Shops.  “สวัสดี” (Sa- Was-Dee) is TACC’s drink mixes brand.  The drink mixes offered under the brand and sold at King Power Duty Free Shops are durian with milk, mango with milk and Thai tea.  The target market of the product is Chinese tourists.  The drink mix had been distributed to King Power Duty Free Shops since the last August and had been well received by target customers. We plan to launch more flavors to the market in the future.

“สวัสดี” (Sa-Was-Dee) is a premium instant drink mix.  The two flavors offered are, durian, a blend of durian and milk, and mango, a blend of mango and milk.  The drink shows off the uniqueness of Thai flavors.  It is produced from high quality durian and mango harvests, sourced for the right aroma, texture and flavor.  The mix is tasty hot or cold.  The product is catered to people with Chinese origin all over the world who enjoys these Thai-styled flavors.