Import Processes in China

Import Processes in China

1. Products intended for export registered for trademark and subjected to FDA procedures (with or without the Halal symbol)

3. Sign contracts with sales distributors.

4. Prepare documents to register products with Customs.

5. Re-check all documents for accuracy on the part of Chinese entrepreneurs, including the suitability of translations.

6. If the company has not registered as an exporter at the Chinese goods inspection office, actions have to be taken to complete registration before exporting goods.

7. If there are no errors in documents, documents and product samples can be sent to representatives for registration.

8. Once confirmation is received on document accuracy and readiness for registration, we will prepare goods in the latest packaging submitted for registration by 2-3 cases per item for Customs registration.

9. Once goods are sent to representatives along with proper documents, the representatives will pay product fees and remove products from port for submission to the Customs Department to complete product registration procedures.

10. Once all procedures are complete, the representatives can legally remove goods from Customs and proceed with normal sales.

11. Goods reach destination in China, where Customs will attach labels for imported products.

12. Representatives remove goods from Customs for sale.