The core working technique...shared by one of T.A.C.C. management

Khun Chanit Suwanparin, one of the T.A.C.C. management team members gives the marketing tips and working techniques by saying “My marketing style is like the ducks.  Although I can fly, but the speed may not be as fast as birds.  I can also swim.  But my speed in swimming may be a lot slower than fish.  Moreover, I can shout.  But my voice may not be as loud as chicken or birds.  As a human, I need to look at the mirror and accept that I cannot do everything alone.  I think I’m not the greatest.  So, when we are in the meeting room, we use the Six Thinking hats concepts that include 6 colors.  When anyone throws his or her idea in the meeting, such idea will be owned by all meeting participants.  Then, all of us will help to evaluate the pros and cons.  Of course, everyone needs to be open-minded and listen to others’ ideas.”